Acne Program

Acne & Rosacea Treatments


 STOP! Prior to scheduling new client acne treatment appointments please text over pictures in good lighting and without makeup on. pictures should consist of face forward and both sides of your face.


45 minutes $50 Prepaid. When texting to set up initial appointment I will call to take credit card payment in order to hold your scheduled appointment. 



This is what to expect from your first appointment


I will consult with you regarding your experience and your prior treatments to analyze your acne and give you a lot of useful information regarding products, diet, supplements, medications and how they play a role in acne. I take preliminary pictures to track progress through your acne treatment journey. I will make product recommendations and show you exactly how to use the products. Product purchase is a requirement in order to come in for treatments. You will not see results if you do not follow recommended protocol, so keep that in mind. Your treatment, will include exfoliation by means of peels or enzymes, extractions and Acne Clear Rx Light Therapy. Once your skin is prepped for a minimum of 2 weeks on your new product regime you may proceed with in office treatments. These treatments will be scheduled at the time of your initial appointment.


I use my own specialty acne formulas which are made in an FDA compliant lab. Using the prescribed home care is going to be 85% of what you do to get clear and maintain clear skin. Coming in for office treatments every 2-4 weeks and adjusting home care product usage per recommendations for the suggested amount of time is also a crucial part of this system. It requires time and commitment on both of our parts, so think of me as your acne treatment coach! This program is also awesome for Acne Rosacea as well. Acne can be managed very easily by an acne specialist and should never be treated with antibiotics (unless staph is suspected). I have succesfully cleared clients who were at the point they were contemplating taking the very toxic medication Accutane, before seeing me as their last ditch effort. People who are prone to acne have many things systemically going on which is where the detective work comes into play. This is a minimum 90 day commitment and I urge that you only schedule when you are 100% sure that you are willing to put the time and energy into it. If acne is hormonal ie; PCOS, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause and or birth control related you should anticipate a longer clearing process. 


Initial product purchase typically runs approximately $280. Product purchase is a requirement for joining my acne program. 


If you are not in the area I offer Skype/Face Time consults and can mail product anywhere in the US. 


* If you are on any Rx acne or rosacea medications you will need to discontinue using them 14 days prior to coming in. Once you start the program you will only be using the ASH Skin Acne Products, no exceptions!


*Treat your acne appointments like a dental or medical appointment! I do not offer appointments after school hours and my weekend appointments fill up months in advance. Your treatments will typically take on average 30-45minutes and returning to school or work should never be an issue. 


Acne/Rosacea Bootcamp Prices


Every 2 week Acne Treatment $95

Every 4 week Acne Treatment $110

Quarterly Acne Treatments $145


Distance Coaching $150


For those who don't live in the Portland/Vancouver area, I offer distance coaching through Skype/Facetime. First appointment is 1hour  long and will go over everything mentioned above sans in office treatment. All necessary forms will be emailed and recommended home care products will be mailed by USPS priority mail. After initial appointment you will have (3) x 25 minute follow up appointments scheduled every two weeks in order for me to track your progress, tweak your routine per course outline as well as answer any questions you may have at the time. 

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