Age Well Facial Consult

45 minutes | $55 Prepaid at time of scheduling

All new clients interested in anti-aging corrective skin care that is not acne related will come in for an initial consult. The consult consists of a complete skin analysis, nutrition evaluation, current skin care habits, skin care goals, etc. I will recommend products that will assist in repairing your skin barrier and offer corrective/anti-aging benefits. Future treatment appointments can be made at the time of your initial consult two to four weeks out. This time frame will allow your skin to adapt to your new products, restore barrier health and allow for easier recovery post treatments. Please come in with clean, moisturized skin.


For certain age-related issues such as hormonal issues, I refer clients to a naturopath physician in town for further evaluation. Healthy skin starts from within and is a team effort. 85% of what you will achieve will be from using recommended skin care and supplements at home. Because of the nature of the treatments, I will only see clients for follow up appointments who are currently using prescribed skin care. Initial home care product cost is around $320, give or take, and I will work with you to find a regime to fit your budget.

You wouldn't hire a personal trainer for a healthy body and then go home and eat McDonalds.

This is the same concept for achieving healthy skin!


Veronica R.

The focus of our work has been primary on anti-aging. The microneedling, peels, and dermaplaning have been by far the most beneficial. Since completing the microneeding sessions, I have noticed such remarkable improvements including decreased hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. My skin is more smooth, supple, and plump.

Facial Modalities

My facial prices vary by modality used during facial treatments. Facial appointments will have a consultation where facial services will be recommended, and pricing will be discussed. These services are 100% customized to you at the time of consult and may change with each appointment. Remember, facials are corrective in nature and do not include a massage. 


Facial modalities are customized and combined at the time of treatment.

Pricing varies from $155-$390


Melasma Treatments

Collagen Induction Therapy

LED Light Therapy Treatments

Chemical/Organic Fruit Peels/Enzyme Peels




​Skin Classic Thermolysis Treatment

Oxygeneo & Radio Frequency Treatment

Facial Modalities Offered



Microneedling is great for acne scars (not overactive acne), wrinkles/lines, surgical scars that are 6 months or older, and much more. This service is only available to clients who have shown compliance with home care products and recommended in office treatments. AnteAge MD products are used for microneedling treatments. Please see scheduling link for microneedling package prices.

Melasma Microneedling


Chemical/Organic Fruit Peels & Enzyme Peels

Diverse levels of intensity create a profound change in the physiology of the skin. Chemical peels lift away dead skin cells, increase cell renewal, smooths skin texture, evens skin tone, lightens and brightens skin, helps fade hyperpigmentation, firms and tones, diminishes fine lines, minimizes enlarged pores, reduces sebaceous activity, improves acne conditions and promotes overall healthier skin and hydration.  

LED Light Therapy Treatments

  • Reduce pore size 

  • Increase skin moisture retention & elasticity 

  • Improve sun-damaged skin 

  • Firm and tone aged or tired skin 

  • Smooth the texture of the skin 

  • Balance uneven skin tone 

  • Restore youthful radiance and appearance 

  • Lighten age spots, sunspots and discoloration 

  • Soften rough dry skin 

  • Tighten sunken or saggy cheeks 

  • Decrease puffiness around eyes 

  • Smooth/diminish fine lines and wrinkles 

  • Kill acne causing bacteria

  • Heal existing acne

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Prevent breakouts

  • Minimize acne scarring

  • Shrink enlarged pores

  • Great alternative to oral medications 



Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation using a scalpel blade to gently exfoliate and remove peach fuzz from the face. This treatment works best in conjunction with other treatments. Your skin will be left baby smooth and hair free. Products will absorb better and makeup will look amazing after dermaplaning treatments. Perfect for all skin types except active acne skin conditions.

I do not offer dermaplaning as a stand-alone service as this treatment offers the best results when combined with other modalities. Dermaplaning cannot be performed when active acne is present.