Acne: Why we need to stop the band-aid effect and get to the root of the problem

If you're reading this, you most likely have had acne or still struggle with it. Your go-to method of prevention and treatment probably included prescription drugs, such as, antibiotics (oral and topical) that burnt and irritated your skin or maybe the most aggressive of them all, Accutane. You have probably visited spas/med spas etc.and told to use Cetaphil or other products that weren't helpful. I'm sure you have tried home remedies found online that were anything but useful. And yet, with all that money and effort, you still have acne!

I, like you, was trying all of the above and then some as are the majority of the clients I've seen over the years for acne. The endless researching for corrective skin care and prevention is the reason why I'm passionate about aesthetics which shows in the results my clients achieve. I found just how important nutrition, hormone balancing, supplements and skin care with regular treatments were key to clearing acne and keeping it that way. I learned that so many of the products I had used previously, actually, contained ingredients that were contributing to the problem. I also, found that the so-called "active ingredients" weren't really "active" at all.

Clients I've seen over the years, many who have been on long term courses of antibiotics for their acne, come in with multiple issues both internally and externally. The antibiotics prescribed are overused and traditional topicals will not help on their own. This is where nutrition and gut health comes into focus. We must clean up the gut in order to get to the root, but we must also treat topically in order to start pushing the clearing process, which includes customized skin care and in-office treatments.

In my experience, my clients coming in 5, 10, 15+ years post accutane (they were told it was a cure for acne) are coming back in with not only severely dehydrated skin (because accutane kills the oil glands) but the reappearance of acne. Remember, Accutane is a chemotherapy agent. I had cancer as a teen and my body was throttled with chemotherapy drugs. There is absolutely no way in hell I would ever recommend

a chemotherapy agent for Acne. Well, good news everyone! Acne is something that can be managed with nutrition, topicals and in office treatments by someone who specializes in acne. (If you're willing to make the effort, time and sacrifices of course)

As an acne specialist, detective work is always part of my job. This means combing through your products literally from head (hair care skin care, makeup), to toe (body washes,laundry soaps etc). This includes keeping a food diary, finding the dietary offenders, medications and supplements.

In my experience, managing acne does not come by taking a pill, getting a peel or any other quick fix. Managing acne requires determination and the mind set that it's not going to happen overnight. Just like going to the gym, you're not going to get a 6 pack after one gym visit and you sure won't get one if you don't clean your diet up in addition.

If you or someone you know is struggling with acne and would like to make an appointment with me, I am located in Vancouver Washington/Portland Oregon area. I also take on long distance clients where I am able to send product and coach you on your journey to clear skin. If you happen to live outside of the US, I am happy to find you an acne specialist in your area.


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