Sugaring & Waxing Info

- First time Sugaring and Waxing appointments require 2 weeks of no shaving hair growth. Approximately 1/4 of hair.

- Sugaring and Waxing can be done during your menstrual cycle. You will be more sensitive so remember to take a pain reliever of your choice an hour before your appointment. Wipes and Tampons are supplied in office. 

_ Bumps post hair removal are typically caused by a histamine reaction. This occurs because your body reacts to hair being pulled from the root as an injury and sends histamine to the follicle. This results in bumpy sometimes pus filled white heads. This can be prevented by taking an OTC antihistamine like benadryl and hour before your appointment. (always check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking anything)

- Recommended homecare  is important post Brazilian Sugaring and is included in the price for first time clients to my office. The pubic area is ripe with bacteria and when you remove hair by the root from this area you are more susceptible to infections if proper care is not taken. I have put together a kit that is not only a prevention but treatment for ingrown hairs.  Clients who tried everything prior to seeing me have had a drastic reduction in ingrown hairs with this kit and with regular sugaring appointments. I do not "sell" products just to sell them. I sell products that I have tested personally and that meet my very high standards.

- Appointments should be scheduled every 3-4 weeks. Hair grows in 3 cycles. In order to achieve the smoothest longest lasting result you must come in when the hair is in its active growth stage. For some people its 3 weeks. Most are 4 weeks. This will also make the process less painful when you stick to a schedule. Please see hair growth diagram picture below. Also remember if you are new to sugaring or waxing you will not be completely smooth your first couple of times.Hair growth has 3 cycles so this means you must come in every 3-4 weeks 3-4 times in order to achieve the smoothest longest lasting results. This does not mean you would stop coming in either, but merely when you do you have less hair to remove.

- No swimming, hot tubs, saunas, working out or sexual activities for 24 hours post hair removal. This is to prevent bacterial  and fungal infections from occurring. 

- Many medications are contraindicated for hair removal services. Accutane, blood thinners, chemotherapy, prolonged oral steroid use and many more (text with specifics).

- It is perfectly safe to sugar or wax during pregnancy up until membranes rupture as long as you are having a normal healthy non high risk pregnancy.

- If you have had a yeast infection or have been on antibiotics you must wait a full 14 days post last dose of medication to be sugared.

- No intentional UV exposure by natural sunlight or tanning beds for 72 hours pre and post hair removal

- If you are going on vacation or have a special event and are new to my office I recommend you get a few hair removal sessions under your belt to see how your skin handles hair removal. I also recommend you schedule your pre big day appointment 3-5 days before.

- If possible take a shower prior to your appointment. If this is not possible I supply wipes and ask that you use them before your appointments.

- I practice Universal Precautions and have bloodborne pathogens training. I wear gloves and do frequent glove changes during appointments and clean all surfaces with hospital grade disinfectant in between every client.

- No coconut oil on your skin! Lauric acid makes up 50% of coconut oil which means it's highly comedogenic (poor clogging). Also in order for a moisturizer to be beneficial it must  contain the following. Ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. Coconut oil and other oils contain fatty acids only. A moisturizer must mimic our lipid layer in our skin in order for it to work. When you are not giving your skin what it needs it creates a cascade effect for issues to occur such as, Dermatitis, eczema, rashes, dry skin, acne etc.

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Brazilian Sugaring

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